As the economic landscape of our beloved island grows, so does the need for change and innovation. Defi Deal has decided to embark on a new and challenging journey: taking online bookings to another level, a level never encountered before.

Our Paradise Island nestles exquisite sites, sites often unbeknownst to you. Since the inauguration of the brand in 2017, Defi Deal’s goal is to bridge this gap and introduce the public to the range of charming hotels, relaxing spas, exciting activities, cozy accommodations and more found right here, on our beautiful island, through various remarkable deals and packages.

After months of hard work and dedication, Defi Deal, a proud brand of Defi Media Group, embraces digitalization through an elegant rebranding. The highlight of this exciting venture is the revamp of their website to bring the most pleasant, user friendly and seamless of experiences in the local Service and Hospitality Industry.

The enthusiastic team at Defi Deal has been unswerving towards the brand’s newly defined values, which includes the power of curiosity and experimentation, teamwork, accountability and ownership and evidently, innovation. Defi Deal has continuously put customers first in their strategies to ensure that the local splendor is easily accessible to everyone.

The new logo, the travel stamp, was inspired by Defi Deal’s love for new encounters. The logo tells a story, and this story is about travelling. Travelling to new places, meeting new people, discovering new and exciting parts of the island and most importantly, discovering unexplored parts of ourselves through these enchanting experiences. Defi Deal is proud of their new emblem and is more than honored to share it with you to embark on this new journey together!

Meet our team

Dylan Chan

Dylan Chan

Back Office and Client Service Expert

Anielle Payet

Communication and Client Service Expert

Irshaad Burkuth

Irshaad Burkuth

Finance Dude

Asheerah Mauderboocus Laloo

Asheerah Mauderboocus Laloo

Finance Girl